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"Gatta can hold her own with catchy pop hooks, and she can also bend her voice around a bluesy gospel number."

- Lucinda Breeding , Denton Record Chronicle

Ashley Gatta is an Austin based singer/songwriter with a uniquely soulful sound accompanied by her trusty Taylor guitar. She spends her days chasing a beautiful toddler around, and sneaking off to her home studio during nap times. Since an artist's creation is inspired by what she knows, Ashley is making an album that reflects on her first 2 years of motherhood, and it is aptly titled "Songs for Moms". 

"Songs for Moms" is her third full-length album and it follows her breakout album "Where the Humble Go" and her sophomore followup "In Dependence". Gatta is collaborating with other musicians (many of them moms) to create and record the songs in this project. She is engineering and producing the work and will release a new song each month, accompanied by videos, and updates from the studio. Her desire is that "Songs for Moms" would be a way for moms to connect with each other, be encouraged, and reflect on their motherhood journey in a way that only music allows.

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