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We set Scripture to music and make it fun and easy for kids to memorize God's Word

We have a big dream. A really big dream. We want to see a generation of children with God's word written on their hearts.

Forever. We want them to learn His truth now and learn it in a way that it will not depart from them. We know that God's people are prone to wander, and our prayer is that there will always be a still small voice pulling them back, and a melody in their hearts speaking truth along the way.

That's why we created Sword Songs. We hope you find these recordings helpful as you use them at home or in church with your kids.

Each Sword Song...

  • Is completely composed of Scripture. There are no extra lyrics and we don't leave any words out.

  • Is easy for kids to sing. We choose keys that are in a child's singable range. 

  • Features the Scripture reference so they're not just learning the Bible, they're learning where they can find the verses they're singing about.

  • Is catchy enough that they'll remember it, and want to listen to it again and again.

  • Doesn't require any extra explanation or teaching (unless you want to, which would be great!), but stands alone by just playing the song and letting your kids learn the Scripture.

A collection for

Lent & Easter

A collection for


A collection for

Advent & Christmas

A collection for

ordinary times

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